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The Tuscan Wine World: a winning team


Feb., 22

The ninth selection to Prowein Dusseldorf

From March 27 to 29 Selection of Tuscan Wines flies to Germany with 68 companies.


Nov., 26

IX Selection of Tuscan Wines: all results published

Online the lists of the 960 labels selected by the 77 commissioners of the Tuscan contest

IX Selection of Tuscan Wines: 70% of the brands passes the selection

On November 21st 2010 the IX edition of the Selection of Tuscan Wines has come to the end by stating once more the success of the regional wine sector. Among the 1364 competing labels, 960 have passed the severe selection of the 77 international jurors, i.e. 70,3% of the participants according to the here applied method (Union International des Oenologues), or for better understanding, 3,3% more participants according to the past edition (2008), when only 67% of the presented wines had passed the selection. Regarding the 960 wines that have been included in the catalogue “IX Selection of Tuscan Wines” 37,5% (360) of them has been awarded with a prestigious special mention of the jurors since they reached or even exceeded the 85 points score: +15,5% according to 2008.

After the extremely positive evaluation of the Board of Jurors from the oenology guide of the Italian magazine “L’Espresso” “I vini d’Italia 2011” (41 wines being mentioned, 6 of which with three stars out of 14) and 23 wines being awarded with the prestigious ‘three glasses’, the highest evaluation score of the Gambero rosso, and by Slow food, Tuscan oenology has won another important prize.


IX Selection of Tuscan Wines - Overview (.pdf)

List by Category (.pdf)

List by Wine Producer (.pdf)

List by Province (.pdf)

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